Sleepy Hollow: Fear and Blood

It really begs to question how Pandora can be such a simple villain and yet command so much attention. She’s entertaining and intriguing, even though so far, she’s spent season three sending monsters after the witnesses left and right while she wanders around town like an out-of-place resident whispering to herself. In this episode, she at least took on a more hands on approach, and I for one, loved it.

We begin the episode in Pandora’s dungeon, as she she’s seductively whispering riddles to herself about the witnesses and the rest of those in town whom, she intends on toying with. She’s waiting for her flowers of (Fear? I presume) to bloom on her twisted and dark plant, I can’t keep track of the plants in her lair. It looks like a gothic nursery in there. I am excited about black roses though. Black roses are beautiful. She’s also checking in on her well that lets her see the visions of the witnesses’ fears, as the sliver of sun allowed up in that place bounces off the water in there. It’s so dark in there. I just want someone to flick a light switch just once.

Her notorious box pops open, and a dagger wrapped in cloth floats towards her and I’m a bit excited. The entire premise behind Pandora and her sending out her monsters of the week is ridiculous and cyclical and yet I get excited every single time.Maybe it’s because she’s the first villain, who as of yet, doesn’t have any personal vendetta against either of the witnesses enough to go after them and wreak all the havoc. She’s doing it on her own, just because she can.Just because she’s evil. Except, even though we know she’s supposed to be evil, and she sends evil things after unsuspecting bystanders, she doesn’t feel evil. She feels powerful, in a restrained sort of way, but she doesn’t feel like she’s pure evil, but again, that’s probably because she doesn’t seem to have any motivation that’s directly caused by either Abbie or Crane.

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Speaking of Crane, it’s not an episode of Sleepy Hollow, and certainly not a good one, if he doesn’t go on a rant of some sort. This week he’s standing in the middle of the city hall trying to rally citizens of Sleepy Hollow to his cause of preserving the archives, while Abbie stands behind him unimpressed but thoroughly amused. These little scenes are straight up pandering to the audience by the writers, giving us little nuggets of comedic relief before we head into the heavy stuff, and we all know it but damn it if we don’t enjoy those scenes anyway.

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Crane is so passionate about this and so beyond descriptive and he uses all the fanciful words and exaggerated hand gestures and his poofy hair flops about and it’s just so damn precious. I was giggling like a schoolgirl, though that became full-blown laughter when Abbie rolls her eyes and mutters “Here comes the Jefferson” under her breath like the roommate who has 1) heard this spiel one too many times and 2) like the friend who knows about Crane’s affinity towards quoting Jefferson. And she does this just a millisecond before he naturally starts quoting Jefferson and…these two are comic gold.

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He’s gotten the applause that he so desperately needed, and it gives him that extra boost to go harass the poor employee at the counter who seriously doesn’t give a single damn about the giant British man with the floofy hair standing in front of her giving the history of meetings and people and dalliances that occurred at the spot he’s trying to save. She recites the same spiel she probably gave a relentless Crane two dozen times before. The papers can only be signed by a U.S. citizen. Tired of Crane’s crap, and not caring about his need to do this entirely on his own, Abbie finally signs the damn papers herself so she can head off to work. Because they’re in this together. “This” being every thing, these days, and she attempts her exit with a forever squee-worthy “see you at home” before a passerby knocks her phone out of her hand (which, we’ve all been there and I naturally found myself holding my breath until she picked it up and it wasn’t damaged. God knows, she’d probably have to sell her soul to Moloch redux for another one). Upon retrieving it for her, Crane notices the surveillance picture of her dad that pops up.

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Abbie confesses that she still hasn’t told Jenny yet. Crane tries to give her encouraging advice, that maybe this development could be positive, that maybe it can be part of the healing process for her and it can put her on a new path. But Abbie feels like too much time has passed since her discovering her father and her not actually approaching him, and that maybe it’s time for her to move on. Not too many people will understand that line of reasoning, but personally, I get it. In fact I never felt more connected to a character as I did Abbie Mills in this particular episode. So pardon me, if I’m in true Abbie Mills fangirl mode, because she most certainly was my kindred spirit.

Crane, for his part in their new phase of their relationship where they give and take, he reveals that he’s going to finally become a citizen. He’s already expressed multiple times before that he is an American, but he felt it was high time to make it official. “Consummate his allegiance to this country” as he put it, but the way he said it and looked at her for approval, like her response was what he valued most, it seemed like he was consummating or rather, further solidifying his relationship with her. I love that no matter how many times she keeps assuring him that she wants him there (or that he assures her that he’s not leaving) it’s still something that they have to keep reminding each other of. I mean, there really is this shift in their relationship. It’s so much deeper. His expression of relief when she says “Ichabod Crane, American, I like the sound of that” was so subtle, that small smile, and yet it said everything.


Zoe (or as I like to call her Caroline 1.5, because she hasn’t been nearly as sweet and adorable and likeable as Caroline was. R.I.P Caroline, one of the season 2 casualties that will never be forgotten) scurries after Crane to tell him that she loved his speech, and I’m left wondering what her motivations are. It’s not just an attraction that she harbors for him, like most of the women of Sleepy Hollow. She feels like she has so many more motivations. She tells him that she couldn’t help overhearing his conversation. Yeah, uh huh, stalker much? And that she would like to help him in his quest to achieve citizenship. It’s at that moment when I’m praying to the heavens that it won’t involve some sort of marriage proposal, because not only is that cliché and overdone but it is not nearly as simple of a process as everyone pretends like it is and I can’t cringe through that type of story-line, especially if it involves a virtual stranger.

We finally get to our monster of the week, and surprise, surprise, it’s a well-meaning, nerdy, white boy with a crush. God bless his wee soul. Naturally he’s awkwardly holding a conversation in a crowed elevator with the woman whom he has a fondness for, while unbeknownst to him until well after he’s worked up the nerve to blabber on about food trucks for the duration of the elevator ride, she hasn’t heard a single word he said, nor has she paid attention at all, because she’s actually been on her phone the entire time. That is the worst. I have a friend who will sit in front of you and watch you blather on for a solid 30 minutes giving you all the “mmhmms’ and ‘okays’ never once telling you that he’s really been talking into his earpiece that you didn’t know was in his ear, the entire time. I never find out until he says “bye.” I swear he does it to amuse himself. Anyway, that is the worst. Please don’t do that to people. Especially we shy, awkward types. Like our fragile monster of the week.

So his wee soul is crushed, and he finds himself at some bar that reminds me of a high school dance party. It’s after I see the object of his affection having a good time with her real beau that I understand why the analogy popped into my head. It’s the classic nerd lusting after the cheerleader who won’t give him the time of day because she’s dating the quarterback. But this analogy cannot be complete without the fellow much cooler outsider. Cue Pandora. Our resident goth/punker. She’s looking so badass and hot with her black eyeliner and punk rock black bobbed wig. Honestly, I’d watch an entire episode of Pandora just meandering around town with all her different outfits. Something tells me we have the same sense of style. Eclectic.


Pandora spikes the poor kid’s drink before chatting him up like she’s his new bestie. She drags him onto the dance floor and tells him that they’ll show everyone who he really is, and they’re dancing and he’s having a good time and it would be absolutely adorable if we didn’t know that he has been screwed with and he’s about to eff ish up. Poor kid. He never stood a chance. He wakes up alone in his bed, much to his displeasure I’m sure, and there’s an ornate dagger on his nightstand. Listen, I don’t always wake up with an ornate dagger on my nightstand, but when I do, I don’t leave my prints all over it. I’m just saying.

The kid has gone into work, and he’s listening to the jocks coworkers being jerks and talking about the naughty things they’ll do to some cheerleader coworker, and our hungover dark nerd is not in the mood for it. He has the look. The serial killer, he was a good, quiet, smart boy who kept to himself look. You know the look. He’s officially fallen victim to Pandora’s game.

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The Mills sisters are catching up over coffee, and it dawns on me that they haven’t really had many scenes together just yet since the premiere. That and Abbie hasn’t had any with Joey. Anyhoo, Jenny is catching Abbie up on the shard and Joey wanting to be let into the supernatural scooby-doo squad. Why are they still acting like Joey wasn’t a gosh darn wendigo a year ago? Why should this even be a question? Yes, let him in! Yes! He’s already in! Also, Jenny needs a trace and you always call your F.B.I. agent sister when you need one of those. Abbie reminds Jenny that Joey will be relentless, and Jenny shrugs and says that he’s family and therefore if he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps then so be it. I sigh in relief on my couch, because if we have to keep rehashing this absurd conversation I might pull my hair out, and I like my hair too much for that. Abbie tells her to take it slow, and  they keep referencing to Joe as though he’s their pesky kid brother, and I find it amusing and irritating, but hell, even I call him Joey, so how irritated can I get?

Cue Agent McSexy, Danny’s arrival to talk work stuff with Abbie. Introductions are made and Jenny, being the sister with absolutely nothing that resembles chill ever, gives Abbie the “Let’s talk about this hotness on legs later” look. She’s so cute. I love Jenny Mills. She bids them farewell with a knowing smirk. Danny tells Abby that the local police called to inform them of a homicide, a stabbing that occurred without a drop of blood to be found, and he wanted to put his best on it. Abbie of course. He leaves her to do what she does best and check in with him later. His hands off approach is cool and definitely convenient. Especially since she still drags Crane around to crime scenes with her.


The hair twins investigate the crime scene, and Crane is having flashbacks to why the exsanguinated corpse in the elevator in front of him looks so bloody familiar. Pardon the pun. He recognizes all the signs and tells Abbie that it’s similar to that of his childhood. His very first experience with evil, as he put it. The black and white flashbacks, the dramatic music swells, Crane gets all  Crane-like, and I just know he’s about to say what I think he’s about to say, even though it would be historically off. It’s Jack the Ripper! Alright Sleepy Hollow. I’ll ride with this one. We’re cooking with gas here.

Abbie rightfully questions how Jack the Ripper could have been around then, and Crane regals us with a story of his time spent away at school. We are treated to a flashback, that blessedly doesn’t involve Busty Ross. A young Ichy, catches a glimpse of the ripper before his friends tell him that the ripper had struck again. Someone tries to prevent Crane from heading over there, but he does anyway, only to discover that his closest friend was the victim. Ichy’s father sent the help to come retrieve him from school, effectively ending the term for him. Young Crane returned later, but was apparently always fearful because no one trusted anyone, and that is what contributed to his obsession with solving crimes etc.

Crane researched the ripper and discovered that the ripper killings dated back centuries.They figure that Pandora was the one to summon the ripper again, and that she also apparently has access to Crane’s earliest memories.

This is what makes Pandora a formidable opponent, but also the thing that grants us more character development for both of the witnesses. While it’s true, that Crane has always been more developed than Abbie because of the time spent on him at her expense, it’s not the same as us actually knowing more about Crane as an individual. We know about him as it relates to Katrina, the husband, the soldier, but not..just Crane. That’s why Breasty Ross flashbacks are so tiresome and unoriginal. They don’t give us anything we haven’t already sort of seen before. But flashbacks to Crane’s childhood? About a young Ichabod experiencing evil for the first time? That gives us something! That gives us more. Just like Pandora knowing Abbie’s secrets give us more insight into Abbie Mills as an individual, about what she holds dear to her, about what she fears. And Pandora is a villain that joins the two witnesses together, rather than try to tear the two apart. They somehow become closer as a pairing because they are being exposed with very few secrets left between them.

Meanwhile, Joey has been relegated to Jenny’s trusty sidekick, as the pair track down Jenny’s acquaintance, Randall was it? He’s held up at a hotel somewhere. Jenny busts the door down like a true badass and Randall isn’t in there. A pretty woman with freckles and flannel is however, and she claims that Randall is off somewhere getting ice. Jenny assumes that she’s a fling of Randall’s and she and Joey bolt from the room in pursue of Randall and the shard but the car isn’t parked where it was and it peels out of the parking lot. They head back upstairs to find that Randall has been bound and gagged in the bathtub and that Freckles took off with the shard.


Jenny is understandably pissed that Randall got outsmarted by an amateur, but Randall won’t take any insults without throwing out a few barbs of his own, reminding Jenny once again that she’s rusty and been out of the game too long, and questioning whether or not Joey really is related to Corbin, because August Corbin was the godfather of badasses himself apparently. Ouch and double ouch. The shard is nowhere to be found and Randall is irritating their entire souls, so the two decide to bolt, but not before Jenny notes that Freckles’ entire game was right out of Corbin’s playbook. She’s wondering if Freckles is somehow connected to Corbin and Joey is wondering why Jenny is wondering that. God, I really need one or both of the Mills sisters to sit down and give the guy some insight into his father. Jenny preferably, only because she knew a side to Corbin that neither Joey nor Abbie ever knew. It’s like she’s holding on desperately to the memories  that are just hers.

Team witness revisit the case and all they know about it at home at the dining room table. I cannot with the adorableness of these two. Crane recognizes the reimagined visual of the dagger that was used, and they figure out that the knife is the actual monster of the week. I like this development. It’s not that the man himself is a monster, it’s the fact that the weapon is using him, well, like a weapon, or like a patsy to wield the weapon. Anyway, I like this so much better, even though we’re being fed the typical nice, nerdy guy goes postal sort of thing.

Our nice guy gone mad is confronted in his car by punk-rock Pandora who is chilling in his backseat. She’s such a lurker, I love it. He wants no parts of this dagger, but she’s trying hard to entice him with it. He wants to throw it away, but it has become a part of him, welded to his hand via magic in the most painful way imaginable. He’s not getting out of this at all. Poor dude. All he ever wanted was a coffee date. Damn.


Abbie  updates Danny on the case, giving him the ole, ritualistic killing excuse. I wonder how many times she can use that? And Danny gives her the go ahead to continue on with the case as long as he updates her again later over dinner. Smooth dude. Hella smooth. He just wants to uh “clear the air” and Abbie, if no one else seems to notice this, has a remarkable ability to  not be able to say no to this guy. She finds him charming, you can tell, and it is freaking adorable.

Speaking of adorable, Caroline 1.5 Zoe, sneaks up on Crane again to tell him that she was inspired by his speech earlier and she wants to help him become a citizen. Crane, being Crane is prepared to readily refuse because he likes to do things on his own, but upon hearing that her brother-in-law is a member of the senate committee on immigration, well, Crane can’t refuse. She says she’ll call him. I’m wondering when she got his number, but given the fact that she screams stalker with ulterior motives she’s probably done her research. She creeps me out. She’s too eager and earnest, there’s too much pep in her step and crazy shines behind her eyes. I keep wondering if she’ll be involved somehow with Pandora.

Speaking of, can we talk about how cute her purple heels were? I really loved her entire wardrobe this episode. It was like 80’s punk-rock goth or something. I don’t know. I loved it. She’s rather seductively preparing our nice boy gone bad for his next mission. She’s enticing him to the dark side in that husky voice that she does. She’s whispering in his ear. I mean, can anyone say no to that?

Ichabbie have narrowed it down to one guy, loner type who didn’t show to work, as the person in possession of the dagger. They appear at our nerd’s home, and just as Crane is expressing his wish that the second tribulation would be easier than the first one as they pause outside the man’s apartment, the door is sliced through. It’s a great visual effect. Abbie kicks down the door to see Nerdy Nelson standing there looking all dark and evil. Abbie makes the corniest and yet chuckle-worthy “I’ll tell you to drop the blade but I see that isn’t an option” way to state the obvious.

Abbie tries to get Nerdy Nelson to calm down, but he’s insistent that he wants to hurt her. He makes a move and then Abbie is forced to shoot him, a few times, since he keeps advancing, and Nerdy Nelson falls out the window and lands on a car. How unfortunate. Or as Abbie put it “Damn.” But as customary, evil doesn’t die that easily so evil nerdy Nelson popped up and shook it off and Abbie’s “Damn” got upgraded to an “Aw damn.” Same, Abbie. Same.


Jenny confronts Freckles at a diner that Jenny too likes to frequent, and knocks Freckles’ skill, because everyone knows that when you’re trying to have a bite while not getting caught, you sit in the spot where you have the best vantage point so no one can sneak up on you. Amateur move, Freckles. Jenny tells her that she found the shard in a hiding space that she was taught by Corbin, and again tries to confront Freckles about where she learned her craft. Is there an army of Corbin’s kids everywhere? What gives?

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Freckles pretends like she doesn’t know what Jenny is talking about, and she’s not giving up any information about why the shard is important or who she’s working for. She also makes a dig about Jenny being out of the game too long. I can only imagine how pissed off Jenny gets every single time she hears that. I’m getting pissed off for her. But Jenny reads Freckles like a book, and tells Freckles to back off and give her employer the memo, because that macguffin was given to her by the man who was like a father to her dammit and she’ll protect it to her dying day.

Ichabbie figures out that the deaths coincided with a oubtreak of disease, in the case of Crane’s friend, it was that of Yellow Fever. They figure out that the knife drains the blood and exsanguinates the victims, but when they encounter that of one who has a disease, it kills the person wielding the knife, I presume, or just ends the power of the knife, which is why it goes on so many years lying dormant. They need blood.  Abbie’s new tech tells the pairing that Nerdy Nelson’s next victim will probably be the woman he had a crush on.

In true thriller movie fashion, their next victim is walking through a dark deserted parking lot, heels a clicking and all, while Nerdy Nelson lurks in the background. She’s spared her life at the moment by a cop who whisks her away. Good for now.

Ichabbie are on their way, armed to the nines, with weapons and blood. Crane only has two vials, which means only two chances to inject Nelson with it and stop the ripper. The plan involves a kickass musket and Crane’s crackshot, because he’s confident that he won’t miss. I love it when he brags. The drive compels him to compare himself to his partner. They both experienced darkness at a young age, experiencing evil and losing the ones that they care about. The moment is foreshadowing at its finest. He vows to avenge the lives that were taken, including that of his friend. Abbie, shifts the conversation inquiring as to whether or not Crane has heard back from the detective who was sent after the victim but when he doesn’t answer, they know something is wrong.

A trip to the parking garage confirms that something has gone wrong, as the detective is dead in his car and their victim’s screams are heard in the distance. Crane gets ready with the blood and musket and Ichabbie  clear the area like a  well-practiced S.W.A.T duo. I love how in sync they are. The victim, Emily, I believe her name is, is being held hostage by Nelson. Abbie makes her move while Crane is talking him down, and Crane escorts the victim away while Nelson holds Abbie up against a parking beam.

Crane’s shot is a no go, when a protective metal layer appears just before the needle penetrates Nelson’s neck, and the element of surprise is lost. Crane sends Abbie after Emily to protect her and Crane attempts to get away while reloading the musket. Abbie takes her customary few shots at Nelson, because Abbie will never pass up the opportunity to shoot at something if she can. I love that running gag to pieces. It’s so practical.  Her distraction gives Crane room to recover from his minor tussle with Nelson and take off. Crane’s a solider, but he’s not exactly the best at hand to hand combat. He’s not a fighter.

Crane’s attempts at reloading the musket are futile, when Nelson gets the jump on him again and the needle flies across the room. But this time at least, Crane is able to get in a few hits of his own. As I said, hand to hand combat isn’t exactly Crane’s strong suit, but you give him something he can use as a sword and  he stands a chance.  Their fight scene was definitely well choreographed, from the sound effects of the knife slicing through the air to visual of the two going at it. It was intense and exciting and left one with bated breath. I like a well choreographed fight scene. It’s like watching a well executed dance. Crane is able to retrieve the needle but Nelson is able to slice through the musket rendering it obsolete.

Then, in a scene that made me gasp, he was able to slice through Crane. There is nothing quite like the emotions that one runs through when the hero of their show experiences something that pretty much means death. You know they aren’t going to die, at least not just yet, but it doesn’t make watching the moment any less harrowing or emotional. In that moment, it wasn’t Crane the formidable soldier getting impaled by a dagger, it was Ichabod the dorky cupcake that we all know and love. You don’t touch a single floppy hair on that brilliant head of a cupcake. You just don’t. So I felt all the feels that one could feel and I didn’t like it. Something tells me Tom Mison probably loved the hell out of that scene though.

In true Crane fashion he wasn’t going down without taking the baddie with him. He injected himself with the blood, so that when he was stabbed, the disease ridden blood would essentially “kill” the dagger. It was a reckless, stupid, impulsive plan. It was effective, but it meant Crane had to be stabbed, and dammit I couldn’t handle that. It worked, and both Crane and Nelson crumpled to the floor like my heart to my feet. Freaking feels.

Abbie runs in and immediately sees her boy lying on the floor bleeding. I had to pause it for a moment, because I had to prepare myself for the onslaught of Ichabbie feels that I knew we were about to be hit with full force. I swear to God, I cannot with these two. I cannot. And by cannot I mean, I can, gimme, gimme all the Ichabbie goodness. Ugh, my babies. I’m sorry. Breathe.tumblr_nwat9cdbzU1sm18o7o4_400

She’s immediately in cop mode, telling him that the ambulance is on the way, and she’s cradling his head in her hand and brushing his hair back, because this is the year of a more tactile Abbie. She’s telling him to stay with her and he’s succumbing to the inevitable urge to shut his eyes.

Then Pandora appears, and with that husky voice she asks Abbie what does it feel like to have his life slipping through her fingers and knowing that she’ll be left alone, and she may as well use that dagger to gut me herself. Telling Abbie that she’s alone while her tiny five foot frame cradles that of her six-foot friend and soul mate in the truest, purest sense of the word was devastation at it’s finest. It’s Abbie’s biggest fear, losing the ones she loves, and being alone. Being left alone.

In a less emotionally gutting scene, we shift to Joey and Jenny at the bar going through boxes and trying to figure out more about this shard. Jenny,is preoccupied trying to figure out Freckles’ connection to Corbin, because Jenny feels hurt and slighted that she’s the one that knew everything about Corbin, she’s the one that Corbin trusted with his secrets and yet she clearly kept things from him. It’s an interesting turn of events that she’s saying all of this and expressing this in front of Corbin’s actual kid. It’s also interesting that it never crossed her mind that Corbin would keep things from her too.

She wasn’t exempt from his love nor his need to protect his kids from things that he didn’t feel they needed to know or weren’t ready to hear. Corbin told each of his kids what he felt they could handle and directed them on paths that best suited them. But he kept them all in the dark. It’s almost as if realizing that Corbin would keep her in the dark too, puts Jenny on the same level as Abbie and Joey, and she didn’t think that she was. Not that she assumed that she was the favorite, but she assumed, maybe, that she was the closest to him, and finding all this out means that maybe she wasn’t. Jenny may not have been the only kid in Corbin’s life that he cared about, but she at least thought that she was the only that was taught skill set, and meeting another version of her makes her feel less special. Jenny is such a strong, self-assured character that it’s intriguing to see her so shaken by this.

It’s also adorable that resentment etc aside, Joey tries to reassure her. They got the shard back, and the girl was good but not great and it isn’t a reflection on Jenny’s skills. Plus, he’s no stranger to his loved ones having secrets.They have such a cute bond that is fun to watch. I only wish that Abbie was in on it more with them. Joey pledges his allegiance to Jenny regardless of where this new road of theirs leads them and what comes at them, and I love, love, love that the two Sisters have their own person.

For, what I gather was a nod at the irritating need to complete paperwork after deaths and near deaths, despite the pressing desire to be any and everywhere else, Abbie checks in with Danny. I mean, okay. I in no way hate the scene itself, but I hate where it was positioned or how it was positioned because last we saw Abbie she was cradling a dying Crane, and that was two scenes ago. A little grating, but whatever.

Abbie tells Danny that she needs a rain check on the dinner, and naturally after all the excitement that went down, he understands. He opts for a drink instead, because every crime fighter everywhere has a bottle of alcohol stored away in their desk somewhere. Danny keeps basically telling Abbie that even though he’s her boss, he sees them as equals. He doesn’t let all the hierarchical red-tape get in the way of him treating her like his partner and equal and not like she’s somehow beneath him. He continually reminds her of her abilities and how great she is. He reassures her that she’s just as great if not better at the job than he is. He proposes the partnership, and nothing about their respective positions or the fact that they were romantically involved gets in the way of him respecting her and her abilities.


Danny is just really, really great. You can’t ask for a better boss. He knows that she’s putting up walls (more than usual for Abbie) because of their respective positions and he’s trying to keep her from doing that so they can work together cohesively. He’s not even, at least I don’t think he’s attempting to though he wouldn’t be opposed to it, trying to engage in a physical or romantic relationship with her. He’s just trying to be her friend and colleague. And he knows how to do that. Which makes Crane and Danny the only two men in two seasons who know how to really handle Abbie. She hasn’t had guys, or anyone really take the time to get to know her or know how to handle her since season one with her former partner Andy Brooks and even Luke Morales. It’s great seeing people who aren’t trying to get her to change.

Abbie makes her way back home to where a recuperating Crane has been resting on the couch. She’s there in time for him to wake up. She scolds him for injecting himself with Malaria in order to stop the dagger, and even a doped up Crane can’t help regaling her with interesting facts about tricks they used during the war, and a bit of bragging. The adorakable idiot.

Abbie tells Crane that Pandora showed up after he passed out, and God bless him, if he doesn’t nearly fall off the couch in his attempt to scramble to his feet at the mere thought of Pandora harming Abbie. That man is devoted. She doesn’t tell him what Pandora says, only that she’s made the list of people who Pandora is choosing to screw with, or bring chaos to, as Crane put it.


Crane falls back into the couch accepting that they’ll be able to stop Pandora as they always do, because they are witnesses and basically it’s nothing the two of them can’t do as long as they are together. He even initiates their signature fist bump with the explosion. Dear God, I cannot with these two.

“I am most grateful, Lieutenant, that you and I have found one another once again”

It’s easily one of the most beautiful phrases that he’s uttered to Abbie, and God knows that there have been many. He’s been throwing out all these little lines and putting feelers out since his return, letting her not only know that he’s glad to be back, but that he’s glad to be back to her. But of course, he has still been unsure, afraid that she doesn’t want to continue on this journey with him. I think after last week’s porch scene, he now understands that it isn’t him that she has a problem with, and that’s eased his reservations significantly. I think he now knows that regardless of their duties, their friendship is in tact. But I also think he maybe has picked up that, he’s spent a significant amount of their time combining their duty as witnesses with their friendship as though it’s one in the same. It isn’t.

That quote, was the first time since he’s been back where he’s actually spoken about how glad he is to just have her. He’s meant it all this time, but it’s the first time where he’s actually made his clear devotion to her as a person clear without it coming across like their witness duties and partnership is attached to it. I think he knows that they are getting closer and he’s relieved that they’ve found each other again, their actual friendship again. Because, while she’s not exactly giddy about fighting supernatural evil, she’ll always do what she has to, to protect him. She doesn’t have to believe in their cause, because she believes in him and that’s sufficient.

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Abbie’s facial expression in that scene is simply beautiful. She’s a naturally guarded person,and those who love her know and accept this about her. There was this sheen to her eyes, and it was like just then it hit her. That fear she has, her fear is that she loses the people that she loves. Her fear is that she’s left alone. She has Crane who finds a way to pledge his devotion to her and his reverence for her whenever he can. Now more than ever, because he probably knows just how bad it was that he left her and he’s trying to let her know that he doesn’t plan on doing it again. But she almost lost him anyway.

That was the face of a woman who is coming to grips to just how much she values and needs this person in her life. That was the face of a woman who can’t lose anyone else. That was the fact that broke me. It’s the season of fear and the season of secrets and I love how both have been utilized in every single one of the characters.

In that scene, you could visibly see how afraid Abbie is of losing Crane, and also, because she’s so guarded, you can tell that’s one of the biggest secrets that she’s harboring right now. Realization and then resignation because she’s not willing to share that part with him just yet, or at all.  Because when you’re the type of person who spent your entire life not relying on others, realizing that you actually need another person is nothing short of terrifying. All of that was displayed on Nicole’s face and it was beautiful.

I believe that is what caused the black rose to bloom. Abbie coming to all of these conclusions. Pandora plays an interesting game of psychological warfare, because it isn’t that she’s planting seeds in people that aren’t true, so much as she’s bringing their subconscious thoughts to the forefront and that is infinitely scarier. Because it isn’t about Ichabbie battling outside forces, it’s about them fighting themselves. Most people spend a lifetime not reaching the point of self-realization that they are reaching as a result of Pandora.

This effects Abbie so much more. Crane is self-aware. He’s in touch with his feelings and his emotions and he’s not as closed off to sharing them when he deems it fit. Abbie though, Abbie never had the luxury of expressing her feelings or the time to thoroughly process them. She’s the Queen of “conceal don’t feel” and compartmentalization. It is who she is, be it biology or learned behavior or a combination of the two. Pandora can’t effectively mess with Crane the way that she can with Abbie. Pandora toying with Crane can consist of dredging up memories that makes him uncomfortable, but he’s always so open about them when it happens. Messing with Crane’s head is like picking at a scab. Messing with Abbie’s head, however, is like gutting a person and letting them bleed out. Because it requires bulldozing through half a dozen near impenetrable, strategically placed walls. Pandora’s games could be the death of Abbie, and the death of Abbie would be the death of Crane, and that’s why Pandora is the most formidable, scariest, most intriguing villain to date. She can ruin them because she knows what can destroy them. She knows that Abbie makes Crane vulnerable, and that facing vulnerability at all is what makes Abbie vulnerable. There is no greater enemy than being a closed off person who has to confront themselves and their feelings.  All of them. Like a floodgate.

I can see how this is a season dedicated to Abbie and/or the Mills sisters. It’s the season that thrives off of fear and secrets and it doesn’t get any darker than that. But I love that this will affect the sisters more than it ever could their male companions because both Crane and Joey don’t avoid or compartmentalize the things that trouble them, and they aren’t inclined to keep secrets if they don’t have to. They are both very open. The Mills sisters on the other hand aren’t. I love the fact that with this, the writers have effectively thrown gender stereotype roles on its head here.

I know that the ratings have been lower than they previously were and that many people still have their reservations about the season. I know that in a way many of us fans are so grateful that it isn’t season two all over again, and others are lamenting that it isn’t the caliber of season one. But thus far, this season has been good. I mean, if you really look beneath the surface of what we’ve been given, you’ll see just how much they are developing the characters, and the relationships, and it’s a fascinating character study for them all.


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