Sleepy Hollow: This Red Lady from Caribee

The much anticipated This Red Lady from Caribee aired, and it almost lived up to expectations. Where it failed? Well, ironically all in how the episode begin and ended.

We open with Crane, flushed, sweaty, and mesmerized by the Hibachi grill demonstration on his very first date with Zoe Corinth. It is nothing if not awkward. Outside of Crane’s recent penchant for fruity, alcoholic beverages, there is nothing about this date that seems suitable for Crane. Including the person he’s with. They’re both painfully awkward, and have resorted to asking one another questions out of one of those self-help dating books. It’s forced and uncomfortable, and felt like a strange sort of mockery of the socially inept. In fact, the date may as well have dovetailed completely when they were asked if they were on a date and Crane vehemently denied it. Crane, the man who hesitates before he bothers correcting anyone who assumes that he and Abbie are somehow involved. That Crane. He may as well had said ‘show’s over’ and peaced the hell out, because that’s what I felt like doing while watching this scene. But, more on why this just isn’t working later.

The face of a man truly enjoying his date....yeah
The face of a man truly enjoying his date….yeah

Danny waltzes into Abbie’s office (I still can’t believe she actually has an office) and has every intention of questioning her about the other 2/3 of Corbin’s Kids’ involvment with the arms dealer. There’s a cute little exchange between the two where she compliments his tie he’s donning for a work shindig, but it doesn’t go over my head that he didn’t bother to comment about her hairdo. She’s changed her hair and she looks just as beautiful as always, but still. Men. They don’t notice shite. Abbie tells him that she’ll take care of it, but Danny reminds her that family matters can make things personal and he needs this to work out, because this man is seriously ambitious. I respect Danny. He’s upfront and straight to the point about where he stands on most things and I hate that his character has been so underutilized.


Pandora’s in her lair, doing what she does best, talking to herself and summoning up demons. This go round she decides to have a little fun and bring us something from the Trinidad folklore. I hear it wasn’t properly displayed, and even though it’s not my place given that it’s not my heritage (that I know of) I at least give props that an underrepresented culture is even being represented at all. Welcome to the world of representation in the media, where any and all neglected parties are torn between annoyance that they aren’t being properly represented and happy that they at least get shown at all. The bar is just that low and yet there’s still a never-ending issue with media being too lazy to shuffle over it. Anyhoo…


The Red Lady and her swarm of bees make their way over to the exact same judge who is supposed to be hearing Crane’s immigration case. Coincidence much? I think not. Abbie did her research like the good bestie that she is, and discovered that the judge is a history buff and that Crane might just have this in the bag if he charms the judge by being himself. She actually gives him the go ahead to quote Jefferson, and we know how she feels about that. It should be cake. So she thinks. They also inquire about one another’s personal lives, his date with Zoe, her situation with Reynolds. It’s enough to discourage my head canon that they sit in the living room by the fireplace and drink a cup of tea while catching each other up on one another’s day before retiring to their separate bedrooms. Sighs. This is why fanfic is life.

Crane’s lawyer passes them on their way to the courtroom saying something along the lines of the judge has lost his mind. In fact a stampede of folk high tail it out of there so fast you’d think it was Black Friday at the mall. As usual, Ichabbie heads towards the commotion rather than away from it. The judge is scratching like a fiend and ranting about the inefficiency of the system and how it’s filled with liars and everyone is untrustworthy. Listen, dude may be out of his mind, but he most certainly is telling all the truths. I mean that’s literally our justice system right now. And let me tell you about Law School, it basically sucks your entire soul, breaks you down, and rebuilds you into a different person and it’s not always pretty or right or good. I digress. And so has the judge. To the afterlife. R.I.P.


Abbie heads on over to one of Jenny’s jobs, the one at the bar, and shows her the surveillance photo that Danny found of Joenny. Jenny though she cleared the area, but Danny is really, really good. As if it wasn’t bad enough that Jenny and her skill set was basically replaced by Hipster Indiana Jones last season, this season she’s been spending a great deal of time being told that she’s rusty and doubting herself and her abilities. Not to mention no longer feeling as special. I hate it. Jenny Mills is a badass mother-shut yo mouth, she does not need to be feeling inadequate I swear to goodness!!

Abbie shuts down Joenny’s investigations, and Jenny tells her that Joey won’t be happy with this. Me neither Joe. Abbie says she’ll talk to him, which YES. Please!! Joey and Abbie haven’t had a decent scene together since last season, I don’t understand this at all. But Jenny says she’ll take care of it, and I pout a little, because what good is having the Corbin Kids, and having Joenny be part of Team Witness if we can’t even get any good interaction with them all? We’ve had great Ichabbie of course, and Mills Militia, and even Jenny and Ichy a.k.a the Eyebrow Twins, but where is the Joe and Abbie? And we need more Joe and Crane, because my boy Joey should have been giving Crane advice on how not to screw up a date. Missed opportunities here!!!

Apparently some of Hodges entomologist skills rubbed off on Crane, because he’s in their new place investigating the red wasp that stung the judge. His research tells him that it’s a Trinidadian demon, and that the swarm of wasps take on a human-like form. Abbie recalls something similar happening to General Washington, based off of Grace Dixon’s journal. I really wish we could learn more about Grace Dixon and what all is in her journal.

I for the life of me will never understand why of all the flashbacks based on another person we could have, we ended up with Bustier Ross and not Grace Dixon, when Grace was the most obvious choice. She was the one connected to both of the witnesses. She’s infinitely more fascinating and badass because she was a woman of color navigating the racism of the old world and a supernatural world! I mean, why not tell that story? That is a hell of an interesting story! I can’t imagine all the things she had to go through, and how she had to be a covert badass, sneaky and subdued with it because she was a woman and because she was black. Grace Dixon is life. That’s a story that’s begging to be told. It reminds me so much of Emily Bennet in the first seasons of The Vampire Diaries. Bonnie Bennett’s ancestor was powerful and intriguing and connected the Salvatore storyline with the Bennetts and NOTHING came from it and it was just plain disrespectful!


Apparently Grace Dixon and Busty Ross knew each other,  because of course they did. The mental gymnastics and the reach they have to go to in order to make Breasty Ross relevant is painful. I mean, I physically ache every time we have another flashback because they are mostly pointless. I don’t understand why we are being subjected to this! I just don’t! And I truly feel badly for Nikki Reed. Not only is this role irrelevant to begin with but she’s not even suited for it. It wasn’t a good casting choice at all. It’s no disrespect to her, it’s just this wasn’t a suitable role for her. I’m just….so basically this flashback was to show us that Washington suffered from the same thing, he was a racist,  Booby Ross and Grace Dixon met each other, they were both in on supernatural bizness, and we got to see Breasty suit up or whatever, and head out to be all badass, but they never actually showed her in the act of badassery. I don’t know. I don’t even know, okay.

I gather we were supposed to get a cure out of the riddles.  But they obviously needed one, because Danny calls Abbie to another crime scene involving a dead teacher who was ranting about the Board of Education and their conspiracy to corrupt the youth. Again, paranoid, but no lies detected. I’m just saying. Ichabbie reasons that the Red Lady is the queen of her swarm so she attacks other leaders and authoritative figures. Okay. Makes sense.

Abbie hangs up from Crane just in time to be berated by Danny. There’s a dig about her letting her personal life hamper another investigation, and some irritation over her talking to her roommate. I’m just starting to wonder if we’re going to dig into Danny’s feelings for Abbie or something when they hop in the SUV and he scratches his neck. Clearly he’s been stung.Danny’s driving like a hell-hound out of Hades, and all I can think about is this is not nearly as fun of a car ride as that time Crane was doing doughnuts in a parking lot. Danny’s interrogating Abbie about her sister, and the arms dealer, and Crane, and he starts accusing her of undermining his authority and jeopardizing his investigation and I’m really concerned for my girl. Abbie finally realizes that Danny has been stung and it’s just before he pulls into the middle of the woods and yanks her out of the car.


Can I say watching Abbie take down a guy who easily has about a foot on her is a religious experience? She put the moves on Danny so fast he didn’t even see it coming! She had a knee to his back before I could so much as blink, and not a hair was out of place when she was done. Short girls represent!! Yes!


She apparently calls Joe (again with the communication that we are just never privy to) and has him sedate Danny, and they have him restrained to a chair. I love Joe. Did I mention that I love Joe? He’s a great addition, and my only complaint is that they don’t really use him enough, but that’s been my complaint about a couple of characters now so whatever. He had the right mind to not ask any questions when Abbie called him to sedate her boss, but he takes the time to ask her what was up with him, when it was all handled. In fact he gave me one of my favorite deliveries of the night:

Joe: “What happened to him anyway?

Abbie: “He was stung by a Trinidadian Paranoid monster.”

Joe: “Welcome to Sleepy Hollow”

That’s my boy! That sass and that ass! Ahem. Anyway. Jenny and Ichy figure out the riddle. It’s all about double entendre, which was basically what made up the remainder of the episode, if I’m being honest. Not only does Jenny know what this is about because my girl spent some time in Trinidad for Carnivale ( Her passport must look like scrapbook. I’m so freaking jealous!) but she also knows a guy who might have the herbs they need. Obviously. Jenny’s middle name should be “I know a guy.” Who needs a Rolodex when you have Jenny Mills? She’s the ultimate resource. You need a computer hacker? Jenny knows a guy! You need a one-eyed dragon slayer with a diamond scythe? Jenny knows a guy!


She takes Joe, because he is her new partner in crime, and…well, we’ll just stick with partner in crime. For now. And they head over to a Bodega somewhere. While they’re waiting for service, Joe laments over the fact that they’ve put Abbie in hot water. He wishes that they knew more and Jenny apologizes for not being able to go any further. These two have absolutely no chill right now, and no concept of personal space whatsoever. There is definitely some tension of the sexual persuasion and I’m not mad about it. I mean, Jenny did that thing where she stole a quick glance at his lips. Uh huh. #Joenny


Okay, I love Jenny’s friend. He started their entire exchange off by congratulating Jenny on getting a new man, which she and Joe denied like two flustered school kids. Then he hooks Joe up with some Irish Moss for, erm, stamina, “on those long, lonnng nights.”  At this point I may have laughed so hard I fell off of the couch, but I’ve been known to have a flair for the dramatic once every blue moon. I think the best part was Joe held onto that Irish Moss with a vice grip. I see you, Joey! In fact after a failed attempt at haggling and Jenny demanding the family rate for a hookup, Joey got to the point and offered some cash, and Jenny’s friend tells Jenny that he likes Joe and to keep him. To which Joe shakes his little bundle of stamina herb in celebration. Joe is so cute. So freaking cute.


While Jenny is paying for the herbs, bodega dude becomes possessed and grips Jenny, telling her that she’ll be claimed. I am not here for possessed Jenny again. Leave Jenny alone! Hasn’t she suffered enough! Joey goes into protective beast mode and rips them apart, and bodega dude tells Jenny that her fate has changed and tells Joe to protect her. No doubts that he will. If nothing else is obvious, the fact that Joe has gotten closer to the untamed Mills sister certainly is.

Danny comes to and tries to break free, but Abbie warns him that he has to relax because the stuff in his system will kill him. He seems to believe that Abbie would want that. She tries to ease his worries by telling him that she has people working on it, but the scathing way that he inquires whether or not it’s her roommate speaks volumes. His next words however, are powerful and heavy. I’m a sucker for the heavy.

“You just can’t see what you do to people.”

Before he could go any further, those words hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ve been loving the little moments that give us deeper insight into Abbie. The little nuggets that we can analyze and use to better understand her. Danny, though underused and admittedly not being used the way some of us may have hoped, because I still maintain that we deserve to see Abbie in an actual relationship, not just in that post breakup phase because the entire relationship was offscreen (Luke, Daniel) , or aloof to the interest she’s being shown (Andy), or not reciprocating the interest or  nothing comes from it when it is shown ( the reporter, Orion, Hawley…). She’s so unbelievably guarded that she’s not even conscious of the effect she has on people, or she doesn’t want to think about the effect because thinking about it means confronting it and her feelings, and she doesn’t like to confront feelings. She’d rather confront evil itself than face her own feelings, and be forced to actually process and deal with them.

“You just don’t see what you do to people” as in she makes them fall in love with her, care for her, but then she can’t quite give it back to them the way that they need her to. Then she cuts ties, distances herself off emotionally. Shuts it down when she gets too vulnerable. She runs. She reminds me a bit of another female character I thoroughly enjoyed for all the flaws and nuance. Mary Shannon, of In Plain Sight. I recommend it. But back to Sleepy Hollow.

I think this is very interesting, especially considering the previous episode she hurriedly pushed Crane into the arms of Zoe, after she was forced to deal with how important he is to her and his almost dying in her arms. She couldn’t physically distance herself from her partner and roommate after that entire ordeal, so she found other ways to do it. Keeping him preoccupied with Zoe. Delving deeper into work. Hell, she even got rid of their matching haircuts.

Daniel tells her about their time in a little shack on the beach. Rightfully calls her out on how she’s been trying to distance herself from their time together and forget about it. He tells her that’s when he really saw her. Her at her most vulnerable and open, I imagine. An unguarded Abbie with no walls. He tells her that that’s when he knew. He all but admits that he’s in love with her, and that’s the moment he realized that he was, and then he tells her that she left. She left that place, but he’s still there. It’s easily one of the best scenes of the night. It’s simple enough, not  much is said, and yet everything is said. It tells us so much about Abbie and about their relationship with just a few lines and swelling music.

It’s enough to have me wishing that we had a flashback to that instead. Danny and Abbie in a shack on the beach, early morning, still lying in bed tangled in white sheets. Her laughing, those doe eyes of hers sparkling, hair splayed across the pillow and sheets wrapped around her chest, him shirtless and looking down on her and laughing along over some joke she may have made. In his eyes you see the moment when he realizes that he wants that forever. It would have made that scene so much better. Cut back to him bearing his soul while restrained in a chair, and her looking down on him while trying to stay composed and hold back tears, because she’s spent so much of her life being composed and restrained that she doesn’t remember how to let go, and she’s secretly afraid that if she does, she won’t be able to stop. It would have made that scene, that much more powerful and it would have given us so much more, it would have given us exactly what we’ve been wanting.


Crane of course interrupts this moment before Abbie can react. Not that she probably would have. Joenny is back with the cure. Meanwhile Pandora is preparing for the next stage of her plan which involves her dolling herself up and catching up with her “sister”  the Red Lady. It never ceases to amaze me how there is not much to Pandora. Honestly, on paper she shouldn’t be remotely interesting at all. She should be almost as irritating as Busty Ross, but Shannyn Sossamon does so much with so little, that I can’t help but find her intriguing  even when she’s literally standing in front of a tree talking to herself in riddles and playing dress up. I don’t know how she does it.

Joey is having a drink at the bar and staring at an old photo of his father and his father’s nefarious buddy, when he flips it over and sees numbers in the back. It looks like a bank account number of some sort. Fueled with curiosity and liquid courage he calls up Jenny and tells her that they need to finish it. I knew he wouldn’t let it go. Jenny knew he wouldn’t let it go. Abbie knew he wouldn’t let it go. I’m sure life forms on Mars knew he wouldn’t let ago. They’re probably also wondering why half of us continue to watch a show that is about as fulfilling as being married to a non-attentive, cheating spouse but apparently we’re masochists.

Abbie, choosing to channel her fear of being told that she’s loved and her vulnerability over being read to filth by one of the men who loves her (seriously this woman clearly leaves a trail of broken hearts but God forbid we actually see her in a relationship with any of them) into being royally pissed off about this wasp situation and hurls herself into work like she does best. She and Crane determine that the best way to stop the wasps is to destroy the hive. They use the locations of each of the victims to determine where the hive could be located and Crane figures out that it’s the tree that happens to bee (sorry) in Pandora’s lair based on the emblem on the journal.

Joe meets with the arms dealer friend of Corbin. He tells him that he’s there on his own and he wants to know about the numbers on the back of the photograph. He tells Joe that it’s where the money is located, and he congratulates Joe on his inheritance. Tells Joe that it’s too bad that he had to sell out Jenny in order to do it. We’re supposed to believe that Joe would sell out Jenny for more info about his father’s nefarious path, to the point of handing over the shard. But I just don’t buy it. Have you seen the heart-eyes Joe flashes at Jenny? Not to mention the fact that the Mills sisters are the only family he has left. Forgettaboutit! Joe is then taunted with the “you look like your father” bit and how his father was apparently good at being shady, and our baddie tells Joe that he isn’t the villain. There’s a really nice line about “In this game, son, the debt collects you” I don’t know. I loved it. I might use it the next time I talk about my student loans, because that’s sure as hell what it feels like.

Anyway Joe is subjected to so much taunting and it’s irritating, but finally dude gets to the point and takes the shard and does some thing with his finger…erm, that sounds more inappropriate than it was, and suddenly it’s all aglow. A lovely shade of demonic red. Go figure. Suddenly our baddie is saying the dreaded “let’s go for a ride” and you know his plans include driving Joey out into a wooded area and putting a bullet in him. So cliché, but Joey don’t mind being a dude in distress y’all, because Jenny ambushed them, and tossed my boy a gun so he could reclaim some of his dignity. Boys and their phallic toys. They incapacitate Randall, get the shard back, Joey updates her on the swiss bank account situation, and Joenny book it like Bonnie and Clyde, with a hail of bullets flying after them, but not before the shrunken shard dissipates into Jenny’s hand. Ruh-roh. No me gusta.


Ichabbie finds the hive, and all hell is about to break loose, with swarms of wasps, and you know Ichabbie is about to kick some ass. Abbie’s plan is to buy some time, Crane is on finding the hive. There is something about seeing her armed with aerosol along with her gun, and Crane and his crossbow gives me all the tingles. I love a good crossbow, okay?

Crane actually stumbles upon Pandora in her lair. Is this the first time that he’s been conscious and aware of who she is when he sees her? Because until now she’s been mostly terrorizing Abbie more than Crane.He has his wittle crossbow aimed at her, but she seems so positively unfazed that I can’t help but chuckle. She’s looking like a goddess today. She really is. She thanks him for dealing with all the beasts that she’s hurled their way. Meanwhile Abbie is lighting wasps up left and right. Pandora starts doing what she does best, playing with people’s heads, and she tells Crane that she knows what it’s like to be in the presence of someone greater than herself, and I don’t know if she’s talking about Crane being in her presence or Crane being in Abbie’s shadow, but either way I’m here for it.


Crane tries to shoot Pandora with an arrow, but chica was not having any of it! She was all ready and prepared to toy with Crane, because she really hasn’t yet, but her tree illuminated and she had other priorities. Boo. He’s been spared the psychological warfare she likes to inflict on her prey and that’s unfortunate. That would have been fun to watch.


He runs into Abbie, updates her about Pandora, and they decide that they’ll handle the hive first, and then “the bitch with the box” as Abbie put it. I loved that line so much. This episode had so many good lines, guys. So many. Ichabbie started handling their business. There was so much posing and posturing and it should have been cheesy but it was more badass than anything. For whatever reason Crane got assigned to dealing with the Red Lady, even though we’ve established that his hand to hand combat skills are lacking 75% of the time. Fortunately for him, this was the 25%. So he was able to hold her off until Abbie iced the hive and killed all the wasps, effectively killing the red lady.


But just as Crane was helping his girl down from that tree, Pandora appears and honestly where did she keep disappearing to during all of this? It was strange. Anyhoo, she basically told them to watch her disappear into the tree trunk, and she got swallowed up before Abbie could reach her. LOL! I love Pandora. She just…there is so much pandemonium and chaos around her, that she comes across like Strife or Discord or one of those other Greek gods or goddesses who were known for stirring up a particular brand of trouble, not reckless frat boy trouble, like Zeus and his pesky habit of letting little Zeus fall into anything that moves.


So a brief commercial break brings us back to Abbie sitting in a hospital, next to Danny’s bed. She’s been sitting next to wounded or recovering men a lot this season. He wakes up and she gives him a brief, non-supernatural version of what happened. An allergic reaction. He asked her if he was talking a lot of nonsense and she instantly dismisses it. He seems to know her enough to know that she’s being dismissive so he asks her if it was really that bad, and again, she doesn’t give in, but in her own way seems to acknowledge that it was maybe something she needed to hear. He thanks her, because he knows that he’s alive because of her, and she tells him that she tries and that she always will. It takes a lot for Abbie to say something like that, but I take it as a weird olive branch and a way of acknowledging him and his feelings without admitting that she knows about them. Ugh, it’s another one of those fantastic Danabbie scenes and I just wish that they’d…I don’t know. I’m going to just assume that there isn’t enough time to fully delve into the things that I need them to delve into more thoroughly.

The last few minutes are weirdly choppy. It’s a habit I’ve noticed about the show this season. The editing seems off. I mean it’s strange enough for me to actually notice it, and I’m not always inclined that notice that sort of thing.

We’re treated to Crane at a park meeting Zoe. They are the most awkward muffins to ever exist, my God, they put socially awkward and socially inept people to shame. It’s almost insulting, if I’m being perfectly honest. They both acknowledge that their date was rather disastrous and they bring flowers to one another, because I guess that’s something that made sense in their minds, because it sure as hell didn’t make sense in mine. And they decide to give it another go,and take a stroll around the park. Zoe is totally cool with calling that their official first date and basically tells Crane to go with it.


So my problem. Yet again. Tom Mison is incredible. He truly is, there is no arguing that to me, he’s a great actor. My problem is, they haven’t brought a single woman onto this show outside of the Mills sisters whom he has chemistry with. I mean, it’s bad enough that he and Nicole have such amazing chemistry that it steals every scene and anything else sort of pales in comparison. They were destined to work together, you can’t just find a chemistry like theirs, it’s natural and rare and gold. But when he doesn’t have chemistry with someone, it’s almost painful to watch. We’ve seen it with Katia Winter, it was so hard to buy them as a married couple in love and wanting to reunite with each other. We see it with Nikki Reed, it’s not organic at all. We see it with this woman who plays Zoe. There’s just a lack of chemistry and you can’t quite push through that. It’s frustrating to watch and it makes scenes unnecessarily awkward.


Then there is Nicole Beharie. She has a unique ability to have a natural chemistry with anything that moves. I adore her for it. She played off of Nick Gonzalez quite nicely, and it was a shame that they didn’t actually do anything with Luke and her. She had great chemistry with John Cho, to the point that I was craving flashbacks of their friendship since we were told (not shown of course. a pattern with everything Abbie) that they were really close friends. I wanted to see late night stakeouts. Hell, I’m still pissed that he’s gone, because I find him interesting. She had nice chemistry with the reporter, and Orion, and Big Ash, and as much as I detested the idea of it, chemistry wasn’t the issue with Hawley and Abbie, the ridiculous shoehorned in of his character was. She has amazing chemistry with Lance Gross. If Nicole Beharie is the one who can play off of anyone and everyone quite nicely, then why can’t we switch the narrative to show Abbie as the one dating, and working through her intimacy issues and being guarded, instead of watching Crane awkwardly attempt to court women in the modern era, even though he never comes across like he’s romantically interested in them? We don’t know enough about Zoe to be interested or find her remotely interesting. At this point, if she isn’t some sort of big bad, or a pawn of Pandora’s, or gets tragically killed like Caroline (who ironically is the only other woman we’ve seen so far in the series who maybe could have had something decent with Crane) then it would be a wasted and pointless plot line. Don’t get me wrong, I could find a way to analyze to pieces and get too deep and make it work in my head, but I would be reaching and I don’t feel like reaching.

Then we weirdly cut to Ichabbie at…I don’t even know where they are anymore,home? Anyway, Abbie asks about his date, and he doesn’t have much to say. They talk about Zoe and he asks about Danny. Then they talk about Pandora. Abbie has a renewed fury for finding out what happened to Pandora. She’s pissed that she’s come after their home, their friends, their family and them, and she wants to find her, stop her, destroy her. That most certainly is something that Crane says he can get behind.


I hope they do it soon. Because the scene cuts to Jenny at home having nightmares. There is ancient text, skulls, demon possessed eyes. I have no idea. All I know is, clearly the red mist from the shard has affected Jenny somehow and she’s in trouble. Her bodega friend’s warning was apparently on par. Her  fate has possibly been changed and she’s in danger. I just hope Team Witness figures out what the hell is going on because I can’t watch Jenny go through any more heartache. That girl has non stop tragedies being hurled at her on the regular. Leave my precious Jenny alone! Damn, can a Mills sister ever be happy on this show?


Then again, can a Sleepyhead ever be happy with this show? Word is out that the second half of the season will be moved to Friday nights. The good news is it won’t be up against Grimm, which I’m told would be stiff competition. the bad news is, it’s freaking Friday nights. that’s the death night. I just…I just don’t understand how anyone can screw up such a gem. I mean, the stars of the show are fantastic, their chemistry is unprecedented, most of the supporting cast is amazing. They have rich characters, a plethora of supernatural shenanigans they can pull from. There is so much story that could be told. I mean, as far as genre shows go, this should have remained a cult hit, and yet…here we are. I’m not even entirely confident we might get another season after this and that was before I found out about Fridays. My only wish is that I can see Miharie magic in something else again. In the event that the show doesn’t last, can we please cast them in something else with people who know how to properly take advantage of their incredible chemistry? I’d watch them teamed up in anything. A spy thriller. A buddy cop show procedural. Honestly, can they take it to the big screen? I’d watch them in a dozen random movies together. It would be like the magic that was Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson back in the 90s. Play best friends, play enemies, play partners, play lovers, play siblings…like I honestly don’t care. Just give me all the Miharie.



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